Types And Uses Of The Different Cat Collars Available

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Among the most common accessories which are in use today, cat collars, top the list in terms of popularity. These have many purposes other than the usual need for establishment of the identity of the feline pet and to ensure its safety. This multitude of functions that it serves also results in there being a number of different collars being available in the markets today. Consequently choosing the best one can be quite overwhelming.

However, some of the most popular and important ones available today are:

  • Breakaway collars: As the name suggests these collars assist in the breaking away of the cats, not from their owner, but from getting snagged onto fencing, furniture or even window blinds and panes. These collars thus aim for greater safety for the cat since they enable the cat to slip free from its grasp and prevent it from accidentally chocking or strangling. This is achieved by the use of special automatic release buckles which do not click into place when locked.
  • Buckle collars: One of the most traditionally common collars still popular with feline owners, they can be easily fastened and unfastened and are also extremely easy to put on the cat. Mostly suitable for cats which preferably stay indoors, they are generally made of nylon or leather and can be studded, embroidered, decorated with jewels or simple.
  • Personalised collars: Cat collars are generally paired with ID tags to establish their identity. It also enables their safe return to their owners in instances where they are either lost or kidnapped. But there are some feline pets which simple refuse to wear ID tags either because:
    • Their movement irritates them or
    • They find their sound disturbing.

Personalised collars do away with both of these irritants by embroidering the contact details on the collar itself. Thus these collars are an amazing combination of utility and design.

  • Reflective collars: Cats are extremely adept and skilled at disappearing and escaping which makes safety a huge cause of concern for them. This is even more true when this disappearance takes place at night when they simply fade away into the darkness. Hence in order to help solve this problem, reflective collars enable them to become visible thereby enhancing their safety especially on the roads.
  • Lighted safety collars: This is a variant of the reflective collar but finds its utility in cats which are naturally endowed with long hairs which completely cover up the reflective collars thereby hiding them. But with lighted safety collars, which use a battery to power its lights, cats preferring to spend time outside can have a safe and happy time.
  • Flea collars: Usually used to serve medicinal purposes, the flea collar comes infused flea repellent chemicals thereby making them effective flea controllers. One thing that all feline pet owners need to be careful about is allergic reactions which a cat might suffer due to the chemicals present in these flea collars.

Collar selection for cat pets is indeed a satisfying experience especially when the cat seems comfortable, happy and safe wearing the same. It should thus be ensured that the collar selected reflects both the personality and nature of the feline pet thereby making for a perfect sync.