Things to Avoid When Beginning Your Litter Training

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Litter training doesn’t have to become a difficult process. Cats may wish to make use of the cat litter box after they understand what it’s for, so which makes it accessible and showing it what sort of handful of occasions will frequently have the desired effect.

However, many cat proprietors have mistakes when they’re litter training and you will find some things that you ought to avoid to make the litter training process go easily and also to avoid confusing your cat or lead them to possess a behavior problem for example spraying the ground, couch, etc.

Location, location, location, you heard right, the incorrect location can ruin your odds of litter training and even result in your cat to affiliate the litter with something bad and lead them to simply want to void on the ground. Don’t put the cat litter box near the television, washer, dryer, boiler, the dishwasher.

Exposure to noise will scare your cat and lead them to steer clear of the cat litter box.

Look for a quite location that’s taken care of (cats like privacy too) but continues to be convenient for that cat. After you have found a great location, let it rest there, it’ll confuse the kitty to achieve the cat litter box moved around.

Be sure to consider how big your cat, as the basement might appear such as the perfect taken care of spot for a cat litter box, it might not be simple for your three month old kitten to increase and lower the steps.

Avoid altering the company from the cat litter too. Cats don’t enjoy change, you need to carefully choose your cat litter so that you don’t need to change to a new brand. Citrus scented brands may also cause your cat to prevent the cat litter box, so avoid that a lot.

Avoid getting cats share a litter tray or box…

While getting three kitty litter boxes for 3 separate cats may appear inconvenient, cats can be quite territorial and lots of cats will attack the cat that attempts to make use of the bathroom within their designated area.

Ensuring each cat has their very own place will make sure that your litter training goes easily and simply without and trauma for your new cat.