How to find the right Reptile Establishment for Homes

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Reptiles are creatures of habit in a way and like having their space to hang out and also take naps.  A good establishment like a reptiland pool, water and food bowl, enclosures for tortoise with lid, villa etc can fulfill a number of functions – it can be a play pen, gym and also a place to sleep.  So, how does one go about picking the right establishment for their pampered reptile?

How to choose a good establishment?

Having reptiles as a pet is definitely a common thing in quite a few households – almost every alternate house loves to pet a reptile. While such an adorable pet is at home with you always, don’t you think that it needs to be a bit more comfortable that the usual self? This is where the Reptile villa comes in to picture. There are a few factors which have to be considered when shopping around for condos – a bit of patience can result in the purchase of the perfect one.

Types of Establishments and villas:

There are quite a few villas available with very simple or highly elaborate designs.  The basic establishment has an enclosed space with an opening or a door.  It can have multiple levels as well which serve many functions.  Reptiles like climbing and getting them a multilevel establishment is a wonderful idea.  A reptile house is a good option to have if your pampered one spends its half its time outside.  A pet house for an indoor reptile like tortoise is the perfect space to get away for some quiet time and long naps.

What to look at while buying a villa for your reptile?

      Size:  It is very important to take the size of one’s reptile into consideration when looking around for establishments.  Villas are available in a number of sizes – a well designed one offers a reptile enough room to stand and move around and be very comfortable.  Keep this in mind while shopping around.


      Materials:  Well made accessories and establishments last a long time – make sure that it is made of durable, easy to clean materials and constructed well too. It will last a long time and is cost effective in the long run.  Reptile condos can be made of solid wood, plywood and other materials.  Make sure that it is covered with good quality carpet or faux fleece of fur.  Most materials are usually washable and this is important for general cleanliness.


      Shapes: Pet owners can choose from square, oval or round establishments.  Owners can choose from single storey or 2-storey villas depending on whether they have one or multiple reptiles at home. 

Other Tips to consider:

      Keep in mind that a villa should be well made and stable to avoid accidents.  Choose one with a wide base so it doesn’t tip over. 

      Condos should be covered with washable materials which are easy to keep clean – good hygiene is important for the pet as well as the owner.