Guinea Pig Supplies to prevent

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Frequently you will find guinea pig supplies available, which are just better to avoid for the pet’s wellness. When choosing up supplies and accessories, think about your pet’s needs first and offer what’s going to be advantageous. This is a listing of supplies and accessories that may be potentially harmful for the pet.

Bedding made from Pine or Cedar plank could make your dog ill. Pine could be safe if it’s been cured inside a heat treated manner. However, just use knowing that it’s been property and effectively cured

Exercise ball or wheels are harmful for you personally pet they do not possess a flexible spine and may easily have serous existence restricting injuries

Wearing a harness or leash – your dog can hurt seriously hurt themselves putting on one. Consider rather creating a play safe area that’s contained for the pet

Cube cages – frequently known as C&C cages are ideal for developing a custom home for the pet, supplying the spaces between your grills aren’t too much apart. It may become harmful situation rapidly in case your pet has the capacity to stick their mind with the grills. They are able to become stuck and can lead to injuries or fatal strangulation. Use grids which are wider than 1.5 inches and smaller sized over the openings..

Ascorbic Acid drops detonate rapidly with light. It’s also hard to determine how your pet has consumed because they drink various amounts through your day. Some guinea pigs don’t like the flavour from the drops and won’t drink, resulting in other potential health issues. Best to not leave Ascorbic Acid doses to speculation, as the pet cannot produce Ascorbic Acid and is really a requirement of their own health.

Whenever your are getting commercially made treats for the pet remember guinea pigs are vegetable based eaters and steer clear of items that contain any kind of animal products, dairy and fats. Avoid seeds and nuts as there is a possibility to cause internal blockages and choking.